Before you start the split squat

Always keep your stance wide enough that your head and shoulder are outside the bar.

Also if you don't have sufficient flexibility your hamstrings and hips and knee joints are going to be stiff and you will not make an acute knee angle. If you want to do front squats you have to have enough flexibility to move your hip flexors and hip extensors over your quads when knee is bent for front squat. Front squat is great because you can maintain a very low bar height which helps you maintain a much smaller knee angle.

man squat strength with barbell

If you only want to focus on getting the weight off the floor do back squats and split squats. You can put a bar low enough on a back squat and really work your quads and hamstrings and hip muscles while your get the weight up off the floor for a good metabolic pump. If you want a lot of mass benefit you have to use heavy enough weight that the load is not trivial. In this article we look at different sets and reps to find a good mix between volume and intensity so you get a metabolic pump when you do your workout.

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And don't forget to always warm-up with your training jump rope!