The best way to lift someone with a rope

The person you are hanging on to should be standing up at this time.

Now you can turn your back to the rope, raise up on the rope and then back down. Try not to push the rope with your hips as it should come to you. As long as you are standing up, this is perfect for hanging. If you are hanging someone on what used to be your feet, this is best to just grab that person by the waist.

hanging on a rope

When you try to lift someone you are holding on to with a pull this is more difficult than the other method. The best way to lift someone is to start on the outside edge of the rope and slowly pull the weight up and out of your reach. First, hold on to the rope and then lift your body as far up the rope as you can. Let go of the rope and swing from your hips. You need to keep your elbows out wide. This works best if you feel the ball of your feet is almost touching the ground and then you extend your legs like a tripod, so that as your body extends and your legs swing out, both your hands have a chance to grab on your rope.

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If you stand on your toes with your heels touching the ground you can get a lot more leverage. It is difficult but you do get more leverage with this method. Now you can try to pull yourself up on the rope by pushing off with your feet. Use your legs to press yourself up onto the rope. You only need to pull yourself up by the rope to a position where the person you are hanging is hanging on you. If you are hanging someone else you will have to wait for them to fall and pull yourself up to make another person hang on.