There are moments in life when we realize that our best intentions are better than we planned

In these moments, we have no idea how we could possibly be happier, or better than we were before.

We have been doing this thing called life for so long, and we’ve gotten by without a lot of the things that we wanted or thought were important. If we could go back in time, we might ask people to do things that we thought we could not do, or people we loved to do things that we thought we could not do.

man jumping rope with a heavy rope

We would ask and listen to others with our eyes wide open. Many of us would ask others to change what we wanted to do if we could have, but we had to settle for what we had. But we cannot go back and let it all go, because even as we are not what we wanted to be, we were and still are what we do. We have to decide when that moment comes is what defines how we live our life, and how we live in our day to day, and how we live the rest of our lives. Because we have made many decisions and taken many actions without much thought, sometimes without even being aware of the direction we want to go, let’s say we would like to change something in our life.

🏼️ 🛹 🧑🏻

Because I want to look like a glow-train every day, I’ll have to take an extra hour to get ready in the morning, and some extra minutes of jumping rope before I get ready for work. I might also have to sacrifice sleep, or try new foods or go out of my way to be healthy. This might be a good thing because it will keep me from going crazy on my own, but it might not be, because I still have to keep putting in the work. I might need to take the extra time to get to the gym and do my jump rope workout program.